Friday, December 22, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen...

I really wish I could write something happy for a change... I wish I was not the whining person I come across as being... but when I write about how awful everything is here, I get it out of my system and I can go on with my day...

Its almost Christmas and things are not going well for me... for us.
We are flat broke because I wasn't paid... :( In fact I haven't had any contact with my employer in 3 weeks. They ignore my e-mails... so we haven't bought anything for the kids (but its ok, they are only 13 months old so they don't understand and they will get plenty from their grandparents)... I haven't decorated the tree because I can't find half the decorations and the tree's base screws... I did put up some lights in the kid's room and outside though.

My husband has been more volatile than ever with me not getting paid. He is extremely annoyed at me. Today we went grocery shopping and God, he yelled at me the whole way in and out. He knows its not my fault... heck I even begged for my payment... but he is very stressed out and he needs to vent... and I make a great punching bag.

I also quit the forum I frequented last night. I had a real eye opener experience and well, its not for me. Its not that I am not welcome but the amount of people I pissed off by my whining is large... and you know, they are right. I have nothing constructive to offer. I am this constant whining idiot and nobody needs that.

Its ok... I don't really have the time for forums... heck I don't have time for this journal. My son is awake.