Monday, October 29, 2007


We had our neuro consult last Wednesday and as we suspected, there might be cause for alarm for our John.
We even got the "Angelman syndrome" speech.
Regardless of if he has it or not, he will need therapy to correct his walking and fix his expressive skills.

As you can imagine I started reading about Angelman's Syndrome and all I can think about every day is, "please don't let him have it". Its become my little mantra as if I say it enough times, somehow it won't happen.
We are going to get him a brain MRI under sedation, an EEG and a karyotype study. God please don't let my little guy have AS!!

I can handle anything as long as he is not retarded. If his brain is alright I can handle anything else. I don't want my child to be special needs, not in this idiotic, discriminative country!!!
Just please... let my little guy be alright.

I will keep you posted as we move along on this journey.
Please keep him in your prayers..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A long time no see... uhm heard...

Wow! Didn't realize I hadn't posted in so long. I am pretty regular updating my Sculpting blog which is probably why I haven't updated this one.
Well my faithful (one) reader, I have made a few decisions and I am embarking on a new adventure.
First of all I won't talk about my marriage problems any more. You see I used to be this fun person... I was well liked! Now, I am a tired, graying, overweight person who whines about her husband (to my defense not without reason mind you) to anyone who is willing to hear.

I was oblivious at first but one day I LISTENED to myself. *I* didn't want to be near me... how could anyone else? So no more hubby-talk. He is who he is, I have my plan in motion and one day I will break free of this prison and bring the kids with me...or he will change. Which is unlikely. But no more hubby talk.

Instead I will talk about the kids :)
Dear Lord I am SO amazed at them!!
They will be two in just under a month. I knew that around the age of 2 to 2 1/2 they make a gigantic mental leap and they turn from .. babies into miniature people.
First of all, let me say we still have a few problems with John... well not problems per se but he is behind in his development. We are seeing a neurologist next week for an evaluation. She is specializing in preemies and we made the appointment 2 months ago. Can you believe it?
But hopefully we will get some answers about John and lay a plan in order to help him.

John is my wild child. Nothing "frightens" him. I mean, I put him on time out and he laughs. He can't be coaxed or threatened or anything. He will do what he wants, when he wants it and he couldn't care less.
He is like a cat... you just cannot "train" him. He has a total disregard of rules or how things work. He is not retarded you can tell that right away. He either hasn't made the connection yet or he is extremely defiant.
And I am a pretty stable person. No is no today and tomorrow and the day after.
He is saying a few more words now. He says "Nene" for Winnie, grandpa, grandma, bye, mom, dad, Beau (the cat), Bob (the sponge one) and poop. Before he goes. But every time I've tried to get him to go to the potty he just sits there shivering and points to his diaper. Not ready yet apparently but soon... very soon..

Now Cody, is my child of wonders. (Well they BOTH are but lately Cody is the one who blows my mind off).
I am SO fascinated to see him bloom and its happening before my very eyes!!
His pattern of speech changed. He says many words and makes two word sentences and signs so we can understand him and cut tantrums to a minimum.
My best tip on cutting tantrums: toddlers want to help. Keep that in mind. So lets say I am cooking. Cody wants to "help" too. So I give him an empty pot, put a couple of raw veggies inside (like washed onion or potato) hand him a wooden spoon and let him cook away.
No tantrum!
Or he wants to help me clean. So I give him a sponge and tell him to clean the coffee table or the wall or something and then praise him.
Yes it takes me longer to do chores but its all done in peace and quiet ;)

So Cody has taken the leap and turned into a miniature person. He understands even complex commands and is a pretty compliant kid if go ask nicely.
Yesterday he kissed his brother and hugged him for the first time! It was SO sweet I cried :)
John giggled :)
They are interacting more now and they "chat" in their own language. They also seem to miss each other too. Not that they don't fight because they do... kicking and punching matches (done for fun not for vengeance) is a daily thing around here. What can I say? Boys!!

Its been a few days since I've had a good night's sleep though.
Plus I am sick these day with a sore throat. I am also pushed to my limit work-wise with no end in sight. Except of course my deadline.
I couldn't work Saturday night, I was falling asleep sitting... so I took half a day off and went to bed at 11pm (early for me). Then Sunday George was on duty. The kids went absolutely berserk! Long story short I didn't work until 11pm when they finally decided they want to sleep (their normal bedtime is 8pm).
I worked until 3am and passed out until 8am.
Then yesterday I got sick. I had a rotten day, absolutely horrid. George was at his worst with me and that made things worse.
I went to bed at 10pm. Woke up at 1am because Cody was screaming. Took him in the living room with me and I snoozed (while he was drinking his milk) until around 3am.
Then I took him back to his bed and then 10 minutes later John woke up.
I didn't want another puking like Sunday (he pukes when he cries due to his reflux) so I quickly gathered him which then left Cody crying.
Mind you I was sick too... I cried for George a few times with no result. He just mumbled something and went to sleep again.
I gave Cody a book and left him there. He whined a little but eventually slept at around 4 or 5am.
John seemed to sleep while laying on me but around 5 I couldn't take it anymore and handed him to George. Somehow I went back to sleep (in the living room couch).
John was returned to his bed wide awake by George who then evicted me back to our bed because he wanted to get up at that point and turned all the lights on.
And then I overslept. I have so many things to do today but instead I slept until, get this, 10am!!
I opened the door for the nanny at 8am and thats all I remember.
But I am sick so... just for today I will forgive myself :)
And I've had my coffee while writing this so I will go work now :)
Wish me luck!!
At least I will have use of my car this afternoon as George will be going to meet with his friends and talk like an adult. I will take the kids and my MIL to visit a church near by. Its supposed to be miraculous and Dear Lord I need to pray for a miracle right now so badly. Plus I want my boys blessed as an assortment of weird things are happening lately... and Greek believe in the "Evil Eye" :)
And so does the Orthodox Church btw.