Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Black out

It's been a few days now that our power company has gone on strike to force the goverment's hand for something or other.
That means we are experiencing rolling black outs. Today, just as I had put the boys to bed and I was getting ready to work, out goes our power.
With a sigh, I got up and got my flash light, then fished out the candles and lamps I had gotten in the last few days "just in case", said to those who said "but the strike will be over tomorrow". Today they decided to go until Sunday.

I put a lamp (battery operated, no flame) in the boys' room so they wouldn't panic in case they woke up in total darkness, and I lit candles all over the living room after failing miserably to get my other lamp to work. Just as well because as soon as the power was back on I saw it had an oil leak and we would have gone up in flames if I had managed to light it! (always trust your nose! it was the smell after I had capped the bottle that made suspect something was off and stopped trying to light it!)

I sat on the balcony looking at the street below, pitch black and all and waiting for George to come home.
There is a strange feeling of liberation coming from the knowledge that even though you have a ton of work to do, you just can't do it. It's not because you are lazy... it's because it's impossible.
This is a feeling that only those who work from home can relate to. When you are an employee, you leave work and that's it. You can really get home and relax because your work is back there, at the office... once you open the door to your house after work that's it...
But not in my case. Work is always there... everywhere. And there is always work to be done, mails to be answered, photos to be taken, sculpting to be done, orders filled. And it has taken it's toll... but on the other hand, as much as I would to rest, I can't. The financial demands are enormous for us right now.. the mortgage, the nanny's salary, John's medical bills; the cost of living in Athens, Greece alone is enormous... so I work day in day out... I work when I am well and I work when I am sick... I work when my wrists hurt and I work when I feel fine. I really wish I got a big lump of money all at once at some point just so I could take a break for a month... I wish!
But for those three hours the black out lasted, I was really FREE...

So I sat on the balcony looking at the dark street below and listening to the muted conversations of the people around me, in the same situation, as they sat in their balconies discussing this and that. Some smoked. I could see the tiny orange balls of flames that were seen from their cigarates in the dark. The night was pleasantly chilly but not cold.
I live downtown in one of the poorer neighborhoods that just now is trying to upgrade itself. Our building is new, built just 5 years ago, modern and pearly white, it sits amongst older, run buildings that will await their turn to be demolished and re-built. There are a lot of emigrants in this part of town because rent used to be so cheap but the introduction of the metro and its close proximity to my place, really shot the prices up.
If you are in the US, imagine my neighborhood like Brooklyn... or Chicago maybe.

When George did arrive, carrying take out, I tied a flashlight onto a string and lowered it to him so he could see to climb the stairs. Just we were getting ready to eat though, the power came back on and my romantic idea of just the two of us sipping wine and chatting in the semi-dark went bye bye... with a resigned sigh, I got to work... but it was fun while it lasted!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Poor neglected blog and some thoughts

Lol I have been neglecting this blog so much, all the while forgetting that some people actually still read it! Sorry Dian :)
Well with all that's been happening lately I haven't had the time or energy. First of all I have been almost non stop ill since Christmas... apparently the rest of Europe is suffering right along with me.
The boys give me everything they get which is so odd. I was never a sickly adult (but I was a sickly child).
Cody and John are both on antibiotics at the moment. After 3 months of continuous infections, their tonsils decided to call it quits and now they are on antibiotics.
Yes, this means I broke down and took them to the ped's. I am not a mom that takes them in for nothing but a 104 fever really warranted a trip (and no this is their first high fever in 3 months).

I feel like cr@p myself but I am hanging in there.
I don't mind being sick so much as long as the brain is working and right now it's not. Ugh! A long weekend is coming up and I can't even compose the shopping list that will sustain us through it.

On another note, Cody will be getting evaluated for Speech Therapy as apparently his speech is not normal for his age and we can no longer say "uhm he is young, a boy and he will outgrow it".
They will call me with an appointment.

I am desperate for a moment's peace but one thing leads to another it seems and peace is elusive. Like time. Who decided the days only has to have 24 hours? Or better, WHY do we need sleep? Can you give me something so I don't need sleep? That way I will get everything done and everybody will be happy with me and quit nagging and yelling at me.
Ok off my soap box now and back to work...