Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Coughing, vomitting & a shower at 2am!

You guessed it!! The boys are sick... well technically *John* is sick. Cody was sick for like 3 seconds and he is fine now so geez, that A&T removal really did him good.
John has had a cough for a week now but no other symptoms and it wasn't getting any better. In fact Sunday and Monday nights were the worst.
So I took him to the ped and he put him on antibiotics for it.
On Monday night, I stayed up late after a crazy day (due to the presidential elections, the boys didn't have school Friday and Monday), to get some work done as I am leaving for the show on Friday... I went to bed before 1am... and as soon as I laid down, John started coughing up a lung...
So I rush in there and get him up and as I am holding him high up, he throws up all over me from my head down to my toes... Because of his GI issues, he throws up very easily!!
So I had to get him settled, get him his inhaler and then once he was ok, I took a 2am!
I didn't get a wink of sleep Monday night... Tuesday I kept them from school and Tuesday night I had a better night, John only coughed a little bit but I did sleep for 3 hrs on the couch, sitting upright with John clutched to my chest but we had an OK night...
I sent them to school today after the 3rd day of antibiotics. What he has is not contagious anymore because of the antibiotics, it's just a common upper respiratory infection (no fever, no runny nose, no change in appetite or mood) so we will see :)

Hope you are all well!!