Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What was I thinking?

So you've read my previous post and you know I got the boys a new bed, and a table for us, hoping to start turning a new page in our family life... I've been folloring FLYLADY and trying very hard to get CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) under control.

In the last 3.5 years, since the boys were born, I've assimilated a lot of junk... Since the boys are first children in the family, there are showered with presents... times two! You know what that means right?
So today I got up determined to wrestle their room... and it's now been 5 1/2 hours since I started and I am *almost* done. I took a picture before I started and I will take a picture when I am done...
I am very proud of me and I bet the boys will love their new room too... more room to play in, no more broken toys and things are more easily accecible now.
Of course I now have to do the rest of the house... eeeek! And we live in a small apartment. I can't imagine what we would do if we owned a larger one ... hmmmm. Nope I do know.. I would just throw everything in the spare room and call it "storage" ;)

My feet are burning.... I need a coffee... and I still need to go to the super market.

Stay tuned for pics!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What a day!!!

It's 8:50 PM as I write and I can tell you one thing... MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!!!
Why? Because I've been using them (mostly to stand) all day long!!! I've had a loooong but fruitful day which included (but wasn't limited to) shopping, having coffee with dad, finding a bargain, taking apart a bunk bed and a toddler bed, putting together said bunk bed while trying to keeps the toddlers off it at the same time and then discovering my house if a mess and I have no energy left to clean it (sorry Flylady, the only thing I will do tonight is the dishes!).

So today I was supposed to go to IKEA to get a table .. we have a table. George picked it... it is big and clumsy and stuffed in a corner. It is a dinning table... for 10... my husband thought we NEEDED a dinning table, you know, because we are such big party throweres, God forbid we did not have a big table for all of them... Our apartment is small... 70 sq. meters small. The table barely fit. Then we had the twins and we now eat on the coffee table..

My husband has often accused me that I am neglecting the house and the kids and all I do is work. So now that we have no nanny anymore and I *can't* work, I decided to prove him wrong.
So I went to IKEA to get a table that will fit in the apartment (with the twins still occupying it) and my bestest store didn't let me down... I got a Norden table for four that folds down into a teeny tiny thing. Thank you oh magnificent Swedish designer, you have saved my family...
So no more eating on the coffee table. Starting tomorrow when G will put said table together, we eat properly in real chairs like a family ought to do...

To go with our new table, I got two chairs for the boys... the kind without the white cushions that do not cost an and a leg, and if they spill spaghetti sauce on, I will just merrily laugh and wipe clean with a Wettex.
So I wrote down the numbers of all items, picked out an awesome shower curtain (since the glass shower cabin didn't survive the twins) thinking how I should have spent the 12 Euros and gotten the shower curtain to begin with instead of the 500 Euros for the glass cabin, my excuse being that was 8 years ago and we were newlyweds and plans for kids were in the very distant future...

Then we headed for the cashiers when I turned my gaze towards the bargain section, not really interested to buy anything else... and then I saw it and my heart skipped a beat and I dragged my dad towards said section to take a closer look...

You must know that I am never lucky with bargains... I have never gotten a bargain, a real one... I have also never won anything in a lottery/drawing/raffle. I am THAT unlucky... but today the IKEA god smiled upon me because there it was, right before my eyes and nobody had bought it... Cody's bunk bed FIFTY F'ING PERCENT OFF!!!!
I literary climbed on top of it while I sent my dad scurrying off to get two carts to load said bed... a couple were interested in the bed but my eyes shooting darts must have detered them because they went the other way...

Pause here while I explain the story behind "Cody's bunk".
Before I had the boys we got them the Levsik cribs that turn into beds for up to 5 years old and we were pretty happy with the quality and the price of them.
However, Cody at 3 1/2 is the size of a 6 year old... he is tall... too tall for his bed... his feet hang outside of it.
SO when we saw that Cody needed a bigger bed, we went back to IKEA in search of one. When I saw the Kura, I knew it was the one... it was christened "Cody's Bunk" and ever since that fateful day, whenever I was in IKEA, I HAD to go and see it on display saying how the day was coming when I was going to buy it... and by now every single member of my family and most of my friends who had accepted my invitation to come to IKEA with me, KNEW about Cody's bunk... in fact I think they were organizing donations to raise the money so I would get the bed sooner AND STOP PESTERING THEM ABOUT IT!!!

The Kura, is the perfect young child bunk bed because it is very low and has wood all around it so no way to roll off while you sleep and no openings that you child can "catch" on if he indeed falls off.
It also flips so it's not really a bunk bed or you can use the top for toy storage which is what we do.
And it only cost 170 Euros without a mattress.
And I got ours for 84 today... and I am SO happy :)
The "day"
So here is how it goes: you take the item you want from Bargains, pay for it, then take it apart yourself.
It tooks us 45 minutes to undo it and an hour to re-do it at home...
And then I had to do a little magic... I fit This (the table):

And This (the bed):

And two of these:

Into this:

This is my car. It's a Renault Clio model of 1992. No the car in the picture isn't MY car but MY car is exactly LIKE the car in the picture including the color.
And yes we desperately need another car, even though this runs fine (mostly), it's a furnace in the summer for the kids because it has no A/C and you must have heard how hot Greece is in the summer.
On the other hand, hey, free sauna!!

So we got home and I put the bunk together after apart the toddler bed... and then I dashed (literally) to the super market half an hour before closing... and here I am now... Elephant ankles and all...but I HAD to tell you about how awesome I did!!!

And now...back to your scheduled program!!
Byeeeeeeee I am off to put my feet up and pray I can wear my shoes again tomorrow!!!