Friday, May 22, 2009

The big comeback!

It's been more than a YEAR since I last updated this blog... no wonder some of you are e-mailing looking for an update!!
It's kinda hard to remember exactly what happened this past year, but I can sum it easily for you. The boys grew 4 inches taller (with Cody being steadily in the 99% percentile and John at the 75%!), George's belly grew 10 inches since last year and I grew 500 new gray hairs and lost about 1,000,000 brain cells in the process.

Other than that, I am happy to report that besides being CRAZY (and I do mean C R A Z Y) busy, we are happy for the most part...
After a few dozen therapy sessions, George and I have found our balance and boundaries again.
John's Cerebral Palsy seems almost undetectable as his gait has improved tenfold.
Cody's speech is now recognizable by 70% of people IF he speaks slowly... and they are both enrolled to swim class and pre-school for next Fall.

In the course of a year I have sculpted and produced loads of new dolls (which you can view in my other blog and by general consensus I have somewhat improved which WAS the point anyway thank-you-very-much, I have written a book and I am in the middle of writing 4 more on the subject of sculpting.
Cody's love for swimming and his open hearted eagerness as well as his beyond his age built and height (the ped estimates his adult height to somewhere between 6' 6" and 6' 9"!!) have made him the target of several coaches who would love to add him to their water Polo team which accepts kids from age 6; however we were "assured" that Cody will fit in nicely starting NEXT YEAR!!! (age 4)

John has been crazily in love with HOT WHEELS and he goes around merily announcing to the world that once grown, he will become an F-1 Driver... hmmmmm wonder where he got that from? ;)
Why, I have no idea... it's like like MY ENTIRE FAMILY ARE CAR FREAKS!!! No, no... what gave you that idea? ;)
John has made remarkable progress this past year. He went from "obviously special needs" to "he looks normal". He has tried so hard and he is my hero.

And this sums up my year... which brings up to today.
For which I will write about... tomorrow.
Hey! I just got back to personal blogging!! I don't want to overdo it on my first day back ;)

Until next time,