Friday, March 07, 2008

Poor neglected blog and some thoughts

Lol I have been neglecting this blog so much, all the while forgetting that some people actually still read it! Sorry Dian :)
Well with all that's been happening lately I haven't had the time or energy. First of all I have been almost non stop ill since Christmas... apparently the rest of Europe is suffering right along with me.
The boys give me everything they get which is so odd. I was never a sickly adult (but I was a sickly child).
Cody and John are both on antibiotics at the moment. After 3 months of continuous infections, their tonsils decided to call it quits and now they are on antibiotics.
Yes, this means I broke down and took them to the ped's. I am not a mom that takes them in for nothing but a 104 fever really warranted a trip (and no this is their first high fever in 3 months).

I feel like cr@p myself but I am hanging in there.
I don't mind being sick so much as long as the brain is working and right now it's not. Ugh! A long weekend is coming up and I can't even compose the shopping list that will sustain us through it.

On another note, Cody will be getting evaluated for Speech Therapy as apparently his speech is not normal for his age and we can no longer say "uhm he is young, a boy and he will outgrow it".
They will call me with an appointment.

I am desperate for a moment's peace but one thing leads to another it seems and peace is elusive. Like time. Who decided the days only has to have 24 hours? Or better, WHY do we need sleep? Can you give me something so I don't need sleep? That way I will get everything done and everybody will be happy with me and quit nagging and yelling at me.
Ok off my soap box now and back to work...

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