Sunday, August 14, 2005

Maybe baby

Today I got my copy of "Maybe baby", a film based on Ben Elton's book "Inconceivable" which is basically their struggle to conceive their twins (through IVF).Loved the book, hated the film... It was a rather nice film, if you hadn't read the book though. The cast was brilliant, the sets were great and the whole production was very carefully laid out. It was just like an American film (oh come on, you know you agree with me about British Productions!!!) only with a lot less nudity involved (not even a single breast!)

The couple in the book and film do not conceive while we are watching, unlike the author and his wife, as stated at the foreword, but they both end with a promise for another try and maybe... a baby.The book was brilliant and I laughed out loud many a times (though some words made me pause... who uses the word "blokey" and "Mawkish" these days!?) and I admit I reached for the dictionary twice... Apparently its been a long time since I left Scotland!The reason I didn't like the movie was that it totally missed the mark and the point of the book. The movie was about infertility yes but it didn't touch me at all. The book did...

However the film made me realize in full color what is happening here.
While I am racing through this pregnancy (week 23 already) at break neck speed, so has my counter part, George. At least in the psychological part of it.
As my bank account drained, so did his.When my phone got disconnected because I couldn't pay it, so did his.As I lay there for an ultrasound crossing fingers and toes to the point of cramping, wishing with all my might everything is alright, so does he..So he doesn't want to look at cribs, and he doesn't really care what color the nursery will be but that does not mean he doesn't care about this pregnancy and his sons...
Good thing I realized that too... Makes me a whole less mad at him and a whole lot more fair :)

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