Monday, August 03, 2009

Beau the cat

Five years ago, it was 2004 and I had been having a most horrible year... I had lost a baby at 11 weeks while my husband was deployed for 9 months and to top it off I was wearing a brace around my busted leg.
I was miserable and lonely... my nameday was coming up (15th August) and I suddenly had an idea... At the time we had no pets. My husband isn't very fond of them in the house. Me on the other hand, am the opposite. I am crazy about animals and it was really hurting me not to have at least one...
So when I got up that morning I was determined to bring a little pet home and I was looking through the ads.
I came across an ad that said "Siamese kittens for sale, purebred, parents on the premises" so I called and Niki drove me there.
I sat down surrounded by these teeny tiny kittens. They were 30 days old (it is custom here in Greece to take the animal home as soon as they have teeth and can eat).
Their mom was a gorgeous typical applehead tortoise Siamese and 4 of the five kittens looked just like her. All but one...

I was approached by this little scrawny, almost hairless and tiniest of all kitten. He looked up at me with eyes that were a very light blue (not dark like the others). He was all white except his nose, tail and ears. Those were a dark grey.
With a swift move, he grabbed hold of the padding from my brace and climbed nimbly up my leg, curled on my knees and let out a sigh before falling asleep.

We chatted with the breeder for a bit, the little kitten sleeping on me the whole time.
When it was time for them to eat, the breeder banged a spoon on the cat food can and all kittens came scurrying. The one sleeping on me, jumped up at the sound of food, and tried to jump on top of the coffee table next to my chair... He missed it by that much, hitting his nose on the glass as he fell.
He sat there for a second, dazed and then ran to his mommy, crying like a human baby would!
Then came the million dollar question: which one are we taking home?
The answer was obvious. I didn't have to pick one... one had picked me instead. He slept on me like he somehow knew me .. I didn't care he was the smallest, scrawniest and ugliest. I didn't even care he didn't remotely resemble a Siamese... we belonged together.

So Beau came home... he spent 20 minutes under the kitchen table and then he owned the place.
He never once knocked anything over, he never jumped on a table to eat our food. His onl vice is sliced smoked turkey.
He is calm and easy going and has a big purrsonality. He will wait for you by the door to come home, and he will curl at your feet on cold nights. He might not be the cuddliest but this is good because he is never in your face.
He will come to you for petting when he wants to and he nip at you if you ignore his wishes and won't forget easy.

He didn't keep his white color but gradually turned a light grey that turns darker in cold weather and lighter in the summer.
When he was a few months old we took him for his shots and the vet said he is a very rare cat for Greece. At first we thought he was a Blue Siamese but now the officials are saying he is actually a Lilac since he is too light for a "blue".
The ugliest of the lot turned into a well build and beautiful and rare specimen...
He saved my sanity that summer in more than one ways... he would save my sanity in the years to come when I was trying for a baby. He will always be my companion and I will always be his mommy...
I love you Beau Hugs!!

Here is his page (with photos!)

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