Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer is here!!!

Yay!! Summer is here!! Summer is here!!!
Wha? Whaddayamean summer is almost OVER!?!?
Today was our last day of therapy for a MONTH...our last swim class for a month and now I get to spend lazy mornings with my kids, NOT driving all over town strapping and unstrapping kids to car seats and I now feel like the summer has started...

We weren't (read: couldn't afford) going to take a vacation but we were in luck as my mother in law had two extra free holiday tickets which are provided by the government to those with a low income every other year... So for very, very, very little money (ridiculously little) we will be going away for a whole week at the end of the month.
I am really looking forward to that although I am looking at a mountain of work to finish before I am able to go away for a week.

In other news, John got a virus and on Sunday he was running a 101 fever with no other symptoms. It lasted 24hrs and it was gone... then on Tuesday some time in the am, *I* was running a 101 fever only I felt like a truck had hit me.
I was incapacitated on Wednesday (can I get a "thank God for mother in laws who live next block!?) but I feel much better today.
And tonight John rushed to the toilet right after I had given him his bath and he had blowout diarrhea all over my bathroom floor. Niiiiice.. (not!)
Then I had the same over the last couple of days so... VIRUS... AGAIN!!
Seriously!! STOP IT!!!
I hate being sick and I am too busy to be sick!! So QUIT IT ALREADY!!

So uhm... yeah... that's pretty much it for now..
I am looking forward to a quiet weekend!!!
Until next time!

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