Friday, July 10, 2009

And there we go again...and again... and yet again!

I am starting to realize I have been spoiled rotten by the hired help.. the nanny, who I couldn't afford anymore and had to let go of. I had been spoiled by opening the kids' closet and actually finding laundered and ironed clothes (and because I know you will ask, this is Greece, we iron, period ;)). I had been spoiled the luxury of working until late, yet not worrying about waking up early the next day because all I had to do was to open the door at 8am and someone else would look after the boys while I caught up on much needed sleep.
So yeah... at the end she cut corners and was way too expensive but I miss the nanny.. there, I've said it.
Somehow I suck at being a housewife/working mom. I am definitely doing something wrong because my apartment is in terrible shape, I fed the kids take out 3 times this week alone and the pile of clothes that need ironing is touching the ceiling, yet I haven't really sat down at all.
Granted I am the only one doing any kind of cooking or cleaning, G doesn't even take his dirty dish to the sink...forget loading the dish washer but still... I bow down to those women who can keep a fairly decent level of tidiness and cleanliness and still work... although the way I see it, once they are in school (away from the house 7 hrs a day) I should be able to plan/clean/work/cook with much better ease... you know... without two 3.5 year old F5 tornadoes under my feet..

Oh and yeah I did break my big toe 2 weeks ago by dropping the iron on it at 8am on a Monday morning while trying to press G's uniform...
And today I made it bleed twice once by rolling a 28lbs watermelon on it and Cody just stepped on it (and he weighs wayyyyyy more than 28lbs!) an hour ago...
Crappity, crap crap!
I am so ready for that black cloud of bad luck to leave me, I tell you!!!
Until next time,

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