Sunday, September 27, 2009

Carolyn Savage... a saint in my book!!

On Thursday, Caroly Savage had a c-section and delivered a healthy baby boy, who was given to his biological parents immediately.
Carolyn Savage went through IVF to have one more baby but the clinic which they used, messed up, and she was implanted with the wrong embryo. The Savages continued with the pregnancy anyway knowing at the end of it, they will have to give the baby up to his biological parents. You might think "oh that's mighty gracious of them, what wonderful people" and you know, they are... even if the next sentence wasn't true. You see, this would be Carolyn's *last* pregnancy. Her health was so compromised that she has *no* other chance to have another baby...

As I sat there reading this incredible moving story, I thought, how can legislation be like this? Why not allow the couple to keep the baby as their own??
And then I put myself into their position: Imagine my John or my Cody, accidentally implanted into someone else's womb, being raised by someone else... it could have happened since the boys were the result of a cancelled IVF cycle (well not cancelled, converted let's say - I didn't get to retrieval but I did all the previous steps).

I am awed and humbled by this couple and I pray to God, that please, someone, carry *their* child for them so they can have the baby they so crave... since this is the only way Carolyn and her husband will now be able to have just one more...

(and now this whole think makes me re-think our decision of having one more if we decide to do IVF - yikes!)

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