Friday, March 18, 2005

Greek Men - a Vent

Greek Men are raised to believe they are Gods.
Male children as so worshipped in Greece that despite all the appearance of a modern city, resembling in fact New York, Athens is populated still by people who think having a female child is misery.
In fact in some areas in Greece, a boy is a child and a girl is a ... girl. So if you had a "child and a girl" you just had a boy and a girl.

Sometimes I am so amazed when I sit down with my girlfriends and we discuss our husbands, with the similarities I find between my husband and theirs. Do they all come through the same mold? Or are they all issued a little handbook at birth entitled "You are a Greek man - Here's how to act"?
To give you an example: almost 95% of all Greek women complain because all their husbands do is work yet they demand that everything is done for them.
If you are a housewife, there is no way in Hell you won't hear from your darling's lips "You are tired? How can you be tired? You have been home all day!!"
Yeah, jackass, and who do you think scrubbed the floor, cooked your elaborate food and desert, ironed you zillion shirts, took the kids to ballet class or football practise, did the shopping, paid the bills .... ?

If you are a "career" woman, all is well until your job starts interferring with all the above and God forbid you make more than your husband!! Instant divorce reason!

It seems when we women tried to become equal to men, we changed. However no-one seems to have alerted the men to change with us here in Greece.
Truth be told, Greek men work. And they work... and they work some more. This is all they have been taught to do! Sure, they baked the occassional cake as children and sure their moms tried to teach them how to cook or clean but it has been drilled into their skull and engraved into their genes that as soon as they marry, a woman will do all these things for them and all they will ever have to do is work...

I am sure generations of women before swore their boys would grow up to be different and for some time maybe they are. My husband swept me off my feet when we were younger. He was kind, he was caring, he took me out, we went dancing, we had drinks. No outting was too far for him, no favor was denied... and then we got married.
I swear, if I had met my husband and he acted like he does now, I would never, ever have married him.

In those 3 years we have been married he got comfortably fat, eating (no, gobbling is a more appropriate word) the carefully prepared food, moaning occassionaly. No "darling this is great" or "well done"... just gobble, gobble, gobble.
He will then take his clothes and disperse them all over the living room, and sit in the couch. If I tell him he needs a shower because he hasn't had one in days and he literally stinks he will probably snap back that I am not his mother.

Can I help it? The guy acts like a 2 year old!! He no longer infuses any other feelings to me, other than a mothering instict! Apparently he is not capable to cook for himself, clean himself and he needs to be reminded to cut his toenails!!
Whenever he gets his "tender" side to show, I snap at him because I feel I have given him all I have and now he asks for more (sex).
I wonder who the heck ever told that very first Greek man that he is a God... If I had him right here in front of me, I would pummel him to death!!

When I complain (he says I am nagging) to my husband that he works too much he will usually say that he is doing it for me so that I can spend my day doing whatever I want because our money is secured.
Then why have I been paying all the bills, the food, our high-tech gagdets, our once-a-week outting and even the gas, insurance, tax of my car which YOU are driving and wrecking and work my butt off, since you work 14 hours a day so that I can stay home!?!?
Why do I grow white hair trying to sell my products so that I can have a little $$ so that our fridge is stocked?

Yes, yes I know. The company you work for have some problems and are not paying anyone right now. I DON'T CARE!!! BE A MAN AND GET ANOTHER JOB THAT ACTUALLY PAYS!!!
And if you don't at least DO something to make it up to me for busting my butt and enduring all these things so that you can be a father, have a house, clean clothes, food on your table and in your fridge...

I HATE Greek men!!!


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