Thursday, March 17, 2005

Home watching TV

In the last few days, I have made it a habbit to sleep on the couch.
My abdomen is so distended and sore and George snores so much, I simply cannot share a bed with the big oaf who happens to be the love of my life...
The couch isn't bad really; its big and comfy and I sleep nicely in it until 6am when he gets up and allows me the sole use of the bed.

Its been 4 days since I did the trigger shot and I feel somewhat better. I still can't sit in a chair though but last night, oh miracle of miracles I finally went!!!
I felt better but I paid the price later; my poor bowel hurt like crazy later!

I had such a strange dream last night. I was getting some prescription filled at some pharmacy and I wanted something else too and I ended up leaving with a big bag of drugs!!
I woke up famished and with a headache!
Dian's package arrived yesterday and the kind, kind woman had sent my favorite candy! Smores!! You can't them in Greece!! She also sent me Easter Peeps. The bunnies are pink this year; last year they were purple. I gave those to Niki because she loves and I must watch out what I eat too... Of course a Smore and a few Cheetos for breakfast is certainly not healthy but I so craved that!!

I then (carefully) laid myself on the couch. My abdomen hurts even when I breathe. I need to work but I can't!! I can't sit in a chair and I need the money!! I am down to $100 in the bank! If only I finish that doll I can get paid... I hope I feel better later in the day...

Gotta go get something for my head... and take a shower. Water calms me down!!


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