Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pregnancy Resolutions!

6w 1d Pregnant - Morning Sickness hit! But only AFTER I have eatten!! I have also become squeamish! ME?! I almost threw up while looking at a placenta! While in Medical School, we would eat pizza two tables away from our cadaver; we had grown SO used to it. But my stomach has grown a brain of its own since then... I see blood and I go "Ewwww". Blame it on pregnancy hormones..

I still have my days of positive thinking and of negative thinking... but then I read somewhere that if you think positive, the outcome is more likely to be positive and that I should focus on my child instead in all of the things that can go wrong...
So I made up a list of pregnancy resolutions to help me along the way:

  • A miscarriage is possible and most times, totally out of your control.
  • Just because your friend, mother, on-line buddy had one, doesn't mean you are going to have one too!
  • A lot of things can go wrong, but more women have healthy pregnancies than not.
  • Think positive and you increase your chances of a positive outcome..
  • Trust that this is NOT in your hands, but the One whose hands it IS in, is so wise and great and He really, really wants you to have the very best.
  • Every time you hit a milestone, you can be sure you will find something else to worry about later, so enjoy each stage or regret not having celebrated your pregnancy!
  • Instead of focusing on what might go wrong today, focus on what your baby has accomplished today. Mine is growing hands right now!!
  • Take it one day at a time.
  • Be excited about upcoming doctor's visits. Its another chance to see your baby!!
  • Listen to your body.
  • Every time you have a dark thought, replaced it with a happy thought. I keep thinking of my delivery day and the first time I hold my baby!

Oh yeah! And eat some cake ;) It helps!!!



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