Sunday, May 08, 2005

You know you are pregnant when________ (you do this)

So far it has been a rather, uhm, challenging experience to be pregnant.
True, I have been through excruciating pain, extremely painful bloating, constant morning sickness from Hell, much less than others but so far, I haven't felt much pregnant... just sick.
Often I do surprise myself when I am lovingly thinking about having a child and I remind myself that I am indeed already pregnant. Its like seeing that positive pregnancy test for the first time all over again. This warm, fuzzy feeling overflows inside of me and I swell up to the point of tears as I rub my swollen tummy...

But there are times when I am positively feeling pregnant and not all of them are unpleasant.
For instance, tonight, 3:30 am, I have to get up pretty early because we are invited for lunch somewhere, yet I am unable to sleep though I really am sleepy (aren't pregnancy hormones great?). My stomach feels so, so heavy yet I know that I had very little to eat all day and that I didn't have my protein quota filled for the day which lead in turn to guilty feelings towards my babies (bad mommy already - yikes), which in turn made me so hyper there was no way in Hell I could sleep...

After much tossing and turning I get up and decide that I have a deep craving for.... liver!!
So, at 3:30 am, there I was cooking a nice, fresh piece of liver (very well done, thank you) drowing it in lemon juice and enjoying every last bite. Needless to say now I feel full, content and rather sleepy and my stomach has finally settled down.
Well I know some of you go "ewww liver" but hey, I'm pregnant. Some people eat anchovies with their pizza or worse so there is no accounting for taste. Besides, liver is actually rather good for you and especially if you are pregnant with twins and with very, very low iron!!
So cut me some slack will you??

I can't wait for my little ones to start kicking. At least then I will feel a little less sick and a little more pregnant... but I am sure I will find something to complain about then nevertheless.

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