Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You will be happy to know...

That my ovaries have now been reduced from large sized oranges to whatever fruit or veggie size they were pre-pregnancy. All fuid has drained from them and the excess fluid is gone from my body (all this was the result of the-not-so-friendly-hormones I was injected with in order to achieve this pregnancy). I am no longer in any danger of suddenly dropping dead with a gargling sound because some of the fluid reached a lung or my heart.

You will also be happy to know that I am not suffering from constipation! And if you do envy me and wish it on me, I swear I WILL hunt you down and give it to you. It IS contagious you know... Highly contagious!! So beware!!
Nausea is also contagious... come to think I am pretty sure the whole pregnancy thing is contagious so keep away you nasty ill-wishers or I will unlease my deadly hormones upon thee... ;0)

I am rather tempted to write "Pregnant woman's comfort food - Do not eat" on the wrappers of various edibles I have stashed away (hoping for a day when I can think about them without gagging or better yet actually EAT them!) just to warn a hungry hubby or guest and to save them the inevitable run to the grocery store at 4am...
Hey I am being thoughtful here ;o)

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