Friday, June 24, 2005

A letter to one still trying...

"My dear friend,

I saw you the other day as we both waited in the waiting room and I recognized you immediately though I had never seen you before.
You were looking at my round belly which I was stroking absent-mindedly and your eyes shone with a mix of emotions of longing and disappointment.
I wanted to say something but I couldn't. Did you even want to hear from me? Would you think "how can she possibly know, all blissful and pregnant, what I am going through?"
So I stayed quiet and tried to send some of my positive result vibes your way.

I wanted to tell you that I recognized you because not so long ago, I was you.
I too struggled with IF, I too looked with mixed emotions at pregnant bellies and newborn photos, not quiet able to believe one day this would be me.
And as we both sat in the waiting room, me waiting to see my babies again in ultrasound, you waiting for yet another treatment to begin, I wanted to reach out and talk to you, and say "It will happen!! Just have faith" but I felt out of place.

So, I am writing you this letter to let you know that you can beat infertility and you can have children!! Its a long war most times and some times you will loose battles, even more than the ones you will win, but even if it feels the road is never ending, its not true.
It does happen to women like you and like me. We too can become mothers; it only takes a little more effort, a little different means but it does happen everyday, all around the world.
Just because it didn't work the first time, it doesn't mean it never will.

I wish I could reach out and hold you but I felt like I might be invading and my round belly might get in the way. Not physically but mentally.
Besides, I am happily pregnant, what can I possibly know about how you feel?

So read my letter and I hope you draw some strength, because you looked so worn out, so ready to give up. Please don't... somewhere out there there is a baby picked out just for you, waiting for you, encouraging you "don't give up just now mommy... just a little more and soon we'll be together forever!"

To one still trying... don't give up! It will happen, you just have to believe in it and then at least part of the battle will be won...

From a former IFer"

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